Mar 2, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 1

     It was a cold windy night. The streets were wet with the rain that had fallen earlier in the evening. The lone figure stood on the pavement waiting for his car and assistant. He was smoking while leaning on his cane as his mind worked at the speed of light dealing with the issues that burdened his shoulders. Being one of the most influential people in the British government it was all part of the job description. His mind drifted to recent events...ones which had put a sense of unease and foreboding in his heart. Had he done the right thing? What would the future bring as a result of his actions? No one walked into the Panthers den and lived to talked about it. Had he finally bitten off more than he could chew only coz of some basic instinct that made him want to protect someone and thus made him rash in his actions....

     He was bought out of his thoughts by the sound of approaching footsteps. "Blast it!", he thought, "Where is my car?" Tense and on his guard with both hands on his cane he looked towards the source of the footsteps and relaxed a little on spotting the approaching person. It was a woman...a tourist given the presence of the map in her hand and a look of utter confusion marring her face. Asian...Indian to be precise...1st time in the city...with a quick assessing glance he dismissed her from his mind. "So this is what it has come too", he thought, "I have been put on edge and now have to look over my shoulder each time for the simplest of things."

     He started to dial a number but was interrupted by a voice from behind. "Excuse me please" said the woman he had spotted earlier, "Would you be kind enough and tell me how I can reach The London Pub? I thought I took the right metro but I seem to have lost my way". Annoyed the man answered "Madam, just trace your way back to the underground and ask for directions from there. They will help you out". "Please" she implored gently, "It is a long way back and I don't want to go all the way only to discover I was standing not two feet away from it. Wont you please atleast tell me where I am on this map so that I can find my way from here".

     Something about those brown eyes looking at him with expectation gave him a pause and on an impulse he decided to help. He took the map from her and began chalking out the directions. While he was mapping out the route she turned to him with a big smile on her face and said "Oh! Thank you so much...Mr. Holmes". As soon as the use of his name registered in his head he felt the jab of a hypodermic needle in his neck and the flow of drugs into his system. His legs gave out instantly from under him but he was caught by a pair of surprisingly strong arms. 

     "You really ought to be more careful" she mocked "An important man like you cannot afford to be so careless. Especially when he has sent word out to the most dangerous assassin in the world to come and meet him. Don't worry...I will take you to him. She whispered in his ears, "Sleep now...Mycroft Holmes". With those words the darkness claimed him...

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